FMT- Technology for industrial food processing

As a food processing company, you keep in touch with the market. The consumer demands not only more ease, but also healthier food. You take account of this in your product development. Meanwhile, your direct customers also want increasing value for their money. All of this requires permanent attention to efficiency and flexibility in your organisation. A vital link in this chain is your machinery.

For over twenty years, FMT has been providing machines for processing vegetables, fruit and meat. Our customers are large food processing industries in Europe and elsewhere. We provide tried-and-tested technology for both food and further processing. Our years of experience enable us to think along with you about the optimal deployment of our machines in your business processes. This means that in our view, a machine is only really delivered when it is optimally adjusted to your process, and all the possibilities are used to advantage. And, of course, we look after the maintenance of the machines as well.

We are a compact organisation. This makes it easier for us to take your wishes into account than for larger players in the market. We always deliver customised work, which enables you to profit from our expertise in the fields of machine construction, industrial food processing and food technology. Quality is our main priority, and our machines are durable, reliable and easy to operate. In order to achieve this, we continually innovate our products; often in direct consultation with our customers.

In short: FMT is your technology partner in the commercial battle.

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